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A comprehensive account of Celtic, Norman & Anglo-Saxon surnames in Ireland. Trace your family surname, from its origin and first settlements up to the present day, and learn of their territories, titles and distinguished members throughout time. Discover your ancestral roots.

The information was compiled using a number of sources and includes excerpts from the works of Rev Patrick Woulfe's book 'Irish Names and Surnames' which was first published in 1923, and other sources are Edward MacLysaght's 'Irish Families' first published in 1957, Griffiths Primary Property Valuation 1847-1864 and The Census of Ireland 1901, 1911.

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The Certificate of Irish Heritage is an official Irish Government initiative that represents the enduring emotional ties and sense of identity bestowed by Irish ancestry.

The Certificate honours your Irish heritage, and pays tribute to those who left our shores long ago.

Certificate of Irish Heritage

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